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The Infohort Website has been upgraded. All reports are now dynamic, meaning you can quickly construct them to your own specifications! Please take a moment to  tell us your opinion of the new look and functionality of Infohort. Your input is essential in order to keep improving the website.

Infohort is an information collection and dissemination system designed to provide the most current data on horticultural commodities across Canada. There is also a large historical database of information which can be used for research or to analyze trends. The objective is to provide all components of the horticultural industry with the necessary intelligence so that they may make informed decisions about their industry.

Infohort also provides summary reports for long term periods and users can customize their reports by accessing the historical database. If it is the most current data that you are interested in, you may subscribe to one of our many notification lists. That way, you'll always be made aware when the latest data is available!

All values are in Canadian funds unless otherwise noted.

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Date modified : 2019-12-05